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Oslo, Norway- Milk Workshop

No places avaliable.
Workshops: Oslo, Norway- Milk Workshop
Date: 13-14 May’17
Price: 465 £
Free places: -3 out of 12

------ Premium 2-Days Milk Workshop ------

Start at 9:00am - finish 5:00pm
13-14 May’17 - OSLO, Norway Milk Workshop - 2 Day event

Ikon Studio
Brånåsveien 29
2019 Skedsmokorset
tlf: 908 78 013


We have prepared a new material for you, focused on the commercial side of the industry.
We will show you how we work with our individual clients, advertising agencies and the press.

Day 1: MILK THROWING 9am-8pm (close to 11 hours!)

- We will open the event with a presentation sharing the complete Milky Know-How!

- Then take you through the Milk Photoshoot - From A to Z - working with a model and team of assistants on set.

- After that participants will take over and will throw the Milk on a model trying to photograph a unique illustration.

- We will close the day with a BANG - taking you on a full on commercial style shoot on a pre-built set. Applying a time pressure factor showing you what the real game is all about.

Day 2: POSTPRODUCTION 9-5pm (8hours)

- We will share our RAW photos from the day one - and then we will take you through a mind bending postproduction process.
- Even though there is a lot of ground to cover - no one will be left behind and photographers with all levels of skills are more than welcome!

So if you would like to be a part of some amazing image making just book your spot now and join us in May in Norway!

In Oslo we will be hosted by an amazing team at
We worked together in the past on our SplashHeroes series and I can tell you that this place is amazing and will help you create literally anything.

Who should attend?
- Anyone interested in creating amazing images Pros and amateurs.

What should I bring?
- You'll need your camera. You'll also need your laptop with Photoshop on it, since Day 2 is all about editing the images.
If you are OK with creating/using masks, you'll be fine for this workshop.

- Due to the setup costs of running this workshop, no deposits can be refunded after four weeks before the event.

More Information/Enquiries:
- Need more info? Got a question? Please drop us a line on the email and we'll get right back to you.